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Will I Get A Leg Ulcer Doctor?

A question that I am commonly asked is “Will I get a leg ulcer, doctor?” This is the most feared complication among people with varicose veins in my opinion. The good news is that serious medical complications such as bleeding, phlebitis and leg ulcers are actually not very common even among people with quite severe varicose veins.

Nevertheless, varicose veins are unsightly, they ache, throb and itch, particularly after prolonged standing and in hot weather. Untreated, they usually get worse and spread. Treatment at an early stage gives better cosmetic results, it relieves symptoms and it reduces the risks of complications.

Recently Julie from Taunton who has severe varicose veins and a family history of leg ulcers asked me whether she is at risk of ulcers herself. I was able to reassure her and here is my advice to those who are concerned about a leg ulcer.

If you’re worried about your veins please do get in touch. I am happy to offer simple advice by telephone and email for free and without obligation.