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Wrong Advice

Earlier this month, I treated a young single woman who had developed varicose veins in her late teens. She was unable to get her veins treated on the NHS as she was told that she would have to wait until she had had children and completed her family. She found this quite upsetting and indeed rather “sexist”. She felt that nothing could be done and that she would have to put up with her uncomfortable and unsightly veins. Fortunately, she questioned this advice and asked me for a second opinion. This advice is not in keeping with our modern understanding of what causes varicose veins. It is based on the incorrect belief that pregnancy causes varicose veins and that having children after varicose vein removal will undo all the benefits of treatment. To put it bluntly, this advice is simply wrong and I am amazed that GPs and vascular surgeons are spreading this mis-information. 

Joscelyn who is 26 years old tells her story.


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