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Although the presence of varicose veins is usually obvious, a consultation is needed to precisely locate the source of the reflux (backward flow of blood), which may be some distance from the varicose veins themselves. The consultation with the specialist is thorough and unhurried. You will have ample opportunity to ask questions and every aspect of your care will be explained to you. A typical consultation has 3 main parts.

Your Medical History

The consultation starts with a thorough investigation into the history of your symptoms, general health, any previous treatment you may have had for your vein condition and also any medication you may be taking. You will have ample opportunity to discuss any concerns that you have.

The Medical Examination

In addition to a general examination, you will be examined to check the state of your legs, the extent of any varicose veins, any leg swelling or skin change such as varicose eczema. Your circulation and foot pulses will be felt by the specialist.

The Duplex Ultrasound Scan

This is an essential part of the consultation. Sound waves are used to build up a picture of the deep veins, the superficial veins under the skin and the varicose veins that may be present. In addition, the direction of blood flow in the veins can be detected with the ultrasound to diagnose sites and pathways of reflux. For more information, please visit the duplex ultrasound page.

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