Telemedicine Consultation

Dr Haroun Gajraj offers remote telemedicine consultations. This means that you can discuss your condition and potential treatment options with him without having to travel to The VeinCare Centre.

The benefits of telemedicine

Whether you live close to The VeinCare Centre or a long distance away, in addition to saving travelling time, transport costs and possible delays in traffic, telemedicine offers the following benefits:

  • Less time off work
  • Fewer disruptions with any childcare arrangments
  • Access a consultation more quickly
  • Fewer clinic visits
  • After a telemedicine consultation, a treatment appointment can be arranged as the consent process will have been completed

How will it work?

You can book a telemedicine consultation with Dr Gajraj Online.

Select the date and time and then you will be taken to a secure check out where you can pay with a credit card. Once you have booked your telemedicine consultation, you will receive a confirmatory email with details of your booking and how to join. Please ensure that you have downloaded the most up to date version of your browser, that you  have a good internet connection and that you have privacy to discuss your health concerns.

Prior to your appointment, we ask that you can send photographs via email for Dr Gajraj to study and discuss during your video call.

There is no software to download onto your computer and the telemedicine connection is totally secure.

The video calls are “peer-to-peer encrypted”. This means that the only parties who can access the call are you and Dr Gajraj . The call cannot be “intercepted” by any third parties and the encryption meets all UK data protection requirements for healthcare.

When you click on the link Dr Gajraj will see that you are waiting for your consultation, and he will then connect to your computer to start the consultation.

Dr Gajraj will be in a private area: he cannot be overheard and his computer screen cannot be seen by anyone else. He will be wearing headphones and he will be the only person you can hear what your say. The video cannot be recorded but Dr Gajraj will make clinical notes of the telemedicine consultation.

Telemedicine Online Bookings

What will happen during the telemedicine consultation?

You will have a private conversation with Dr Gajraj. The video consultation is 45 minutes in duration. Dr Gajraj will listen to your concerns and you symptoms and he will ask you questions about your general health. With this information, he can usually assess and diagnose leg vein conditions, facial veins, enlarged hand and arm veins and complications of vein problems.

This remote consultation will enable Dr Gajraj to give you a good idea about your diagnosis and possible treatment options for your veins, enabling you to decide how you wish to proceed.

You can ask questions about what the treatments might involve, the risks and benefits as well as the likely costs. 

Will I need to remove my clothing during the telemedicine consultation?

No. You will not be asked to remove any clothing during the consultation. We do ask that you send photographs of the areas of concern in advance of the appointment by email. 

What will happen after the telemedicine consultation?

After the consultation we will send a letter to you and, with your permission, a copy of your letter will be sent to your GP. The letter will summarise the consultation and any plans for treatment. We will also email  the information leaflets about any proposed treatment directly to you.

If you decide to have treatment, arrangements will be made for you to have this at The VeinCare Centre.

Prior to leg vein treatment, Dr Gajraj will assess your veins by a Duplex Ultrasound Scan.

Can I have treatment straight after a telemedicine consultation?

During the telemedicine consultation, Dr Gajraj will discuss your conditon with you, the treatment options and what treatment involves. You will be able to ask questions. The online consultation is exactly the same as the consultation you would have had if you had come to see Dr Gajraj in the clinic. 

By sending the clinic photographs in advance of your telemedicine consultation, Dr Gajraj will be able to conduct a virtual examination. In nearly all cases, after a telemedicine consultation, Dr Gajraj will be able to provide a treatment plan. 

Of course, before treatment is provided in person, Dr Gajraj will complete the clinical examination. For the treatment of hand and arm veins and facial veins, you can proceed to treatment directly during your clinic appointment. For leg vein treatments, including leg spider veins, a preliminary duplex ultrasound scan will be necessary on the day of your treatment appointment.

The fees involved will be carefully explained to you during and after your telemedicine consultation.

What device do I need for telemedicine consultations?

  • Any device with a webcam and micophone that can connect to the internet will work
  • Laptop, desktop computer, smartphone or tablet

You will also need a good internet connection and the latest version of your web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Edge).

How much does the telemedicine consultation cost?

The fee for a telemedicine consultation with Dr Gajraj is £100.

How do I book a telemedicine consultation?

You can book a  telemedicine consultation with Dr Gajraj online.