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Nick Sargent, Dorset


“I am an active outdoor person, wearing shorts a lot of the time and I became very self conscious about my varicose veins. I desperately needed to do something to make me feel better. The veins were unsightly and frankly I was embarrassed by them. Having investigated the idea of surgery, I felt it was about time I did something. So I got in touch with Dr Gajraj and made a appointment. The surgery itself couldn’t have been simpler, I did not have any pain and I was well cared for before I left for home. The results and difference are amazing. I’m now happy to wear my shorts again and my wife thinks I’ve got sexy legs!”

Varicose Veins Treatment

Julie Vittles, Dorset


“Over a period of time the veins in my leg had become increasingly unsightly and by the end of the day would be itchy and painful… They contributed to me generally feeling less confident about my appearance. I have always loved being outdoors, taking holidays abroad, walking and swimming. In my mind the veins started to worry me and erode my personal confidence. In warm weather I no longer wore shorts and hated wearing a swimsuit. On long flights my leg would ache having to sit for so long. The consultation at the clinic gave me optimism as to how my veins could be treated and the potential results. On the day of the surgery I felt a little anxious but I need not have worried as the team soon put me at ease. The surgery was not painful and I was very well cared for in very relaxing surroundings. Having the veins removed has changed me immensely: I am no longer worried or in pain, I have my confidence back and I enjoy again the freedom of wearing what ever I want. I know if I had not had the surgery done it would only have worsened.”

Varicose Veins Treatment

John O’Leary, Dorset


“Before I had my veins treated I experienced a lot of aching and pain in my right leg, particularly if I stood for long periods. A number of very large veins were visible on the outside of my right leg and foot although this was not the main reason for me seeking treatment; it was the aching and the pain. In the initial consultation Mr Gajraj used an ultrascan to show me the faulty veins and thoroughly explained the treatment recommended so I Knew exactly what to expect. On the day, the procedure was carried out with a local anaesthetic and I’m pleased to say there was virtually no pain whatsoever. In fact I experienced slightly more pain the next day but even that was nothing to speak of. Since the treatment, most of the aching and pain has gone and almost all of the large veins have disappeared and I have no hesitation in wearing shorts again. All in all a very successful outcome!”

Varicose Veins Treatment

Heather McCallum, Somerset


“I’ve had varicose veins since my teens. I had them injected at least 3 times during my teens and I remember sitting in the outpatients clinic at the hospital with all the ‘old’ people, feeling out of place. My veins continued to deteriorate as years went by and I would mention them to my doctor but I was always told it was a cosmetic problem, unfortunate, but I would have to get on and live with it. My husband saw an advertisement for the Melbury Clinic and encouraged me to go. Following the consultation with Dr Gajraj, we discussed possibilities, and I went ahead with treatment. I saw my veins as a health and well-being issue rather than vanity. The procedure was well explained and the staff were very friendly. I was uncomfortable at times during the procedure, but I did have very bad veins in both legs, which were treated at the same time under local.

Six months on, my legs look and feel great and I am looking forward to wearing shorts on holiday. My husband says I’m more confident and he is really glad we made the investment in the treatment. I agree!”

Leg Vein Treatment

David Mantell, Dorset


“Having a vein in my left leg which was more swollen painful on standing, disturbing my sleep, I sought advice from my GP who told me that I would be unable to obtain treatment on the NHS and he suggested contacting the Melbury Clinic for treatment. My leg was examined and the treatment options were explained to me. I was booked in for the procedure at my convenience having decided which treatment option I preferred. I had the procedure carried out under local anaesthetic which was a relaxed and pain-free experience. The whole procedure took one and a half hours. My leg was bandaged and I was given clear advice for post-procedure care and the assurance that further information was at hand if needed. After one week the bandages were removed and I was able to return to normal activities. I was given excellent care throughout and I am very pleased that I had my veins sorted out.”

Leg Vein Treatment

Abbie Atherton, Dorset


“I decided to have my veins treated because, although I exercise regularly and my legs are quite toned, my left leg had a lumpy vein which protruded and looked unsightly if I wore short skirts or little dresses. Also, the vein was becoming painful when I exercised. I was really self-conscious that people would notice it.

The procedure was really quick, straightforward and affordable. I was in an out the same afternoon. The end result is brilliant! I can now confidently wear dresses and shorts without worrying. It’s the best thing I’ve had done.”

Leg Vein Treatment

Rachel Hall, Dorset


“My varicose veins began when I was 13 and got much worse during pregnancy. After my second child I decided to do something about it. They were sore and my leg felt really heavy. I always wore trousers or long skirts and really disliked their appearance. I saw an advert for The VeinCare Centre and made an appointment. Everyone who dealt with me was very friendly and professional at the Clinic. Dr. Gajraj explained the procedure to me fully so I was confident of the outcome. The actual treatment was quick and painless. I had to wear a bandage and surgical stocking for a week, and exercise the leg daily. The recovery was not too complicated. A year on and my leg is completely smooth with only a few lines that are fading. Now I wear dresses and am not at all aware of my legs and I would thoroughly recommend this treatment to anyone considering it. It has given me back a great deal of confidence.

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Read over 280 Reviews from Dr Gajraj’s patients on his IWantGreatCare profle.


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