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Treatment of Facial Veins by Short Wave Diathermy

Short Wave Diathermy involves the use of a fine hair-like needle which is applied to the capillaries and veins.  This needle conducts an electrical current causing the blood in them to clot and the vein heals and fades. 

The sensation is occasionally that of a hot prick.  Local anaesthetic cream will be applied before treatment to reduce any discomfort. 

Immediately after the treatment, the appearance of the capillaries will be improved.  The treated area will be red and there may be some local swelling which usually subsides within 24 hours.  It is possible that you may develop small scabs at the treatment site.  These should be left alone and they will separate over the course of the next 7 days.  These scabs will look similar in appearance to bramble scratches. 

During the next two weeks the treated capillaries may appear to recover and may look more noticeable than before – this is a normal part of the healing process.  Gradually they will fade again.  The success of the treatment can be judged at 4-6 weeks.  At this time, you will be able tell whether a second treatment is necessary. Further treatment sessions are charged on an individual basis.  The fee schedule is published on this website.

Due to the prevalence of COVID-19 the Clinic has taken recommended steps to reduce the risk to both staff and patients, however there may be some residual risk remaining of contracting COVID-19 while at the clinic. 

Before the treatment:

  • Moisturise your skin daily for 7 days prior to the treatment (Boots No7 or Aloe Vera Gel if you do not currently use one)
  • Continue moisturisers for 6 weeks after treatment
  • Please bring some Aloe Vera Gel with you on the day of your appointment. We will this immediately afterwards.

After the treatment: 

  • Do not touch the treated area for 4-6 hours
  • Do not stretch the treated skin
  • Make-up should not be applied in the first 24 hours (though you may use mineral make-up)
  • Avoid the use of any potentially irritating skin care in the first 48 hours
  • Do not pick or scratch the area, in particular do not scratch any scabs that form
  • Avoid rigorous nose blowing for several days
  • Avoid energetic exercise or swimming for 48 hours
  • Protect the skin from the sun with SPF 30+ sun screen and moisturise
  • Apply cool compresses at home to reduce any swelling or discomfort. Aloe Vera Gel which is kept cool in the fridge is also very soothing