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Hand Vein Treatments

Dr Gajraj offers a programme of hand vein treatment that addresses the main signs of ageing:

  • Gentle Sclerotherapy to shrink the veins to a more youthful size
  • Collagen Stimulator Injections to reverse the bony appearance and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Cryotherapy to remove age spots
  • The programme is tailor-made and patient-centred. The programme is continued at intervals until the desired outcome is achieved
  • After successful hand rejuvenation, the results are long-lasting and durable

Hand Veins

Large hand veins often develop simply as a result of getting older. As we age, the backs of our hands lose collagen, the skin become thinner and it may also develop age spots or “liver spots”. Our hands can look much older than the rest of our body, with a bony appearance, big bulging veins, prominent tendons and pigmented patches.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Programme

Fortunately, we can reverse these changes. We use a combination of treatments that we call the “Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Programme”. It’s a combination of sclerotherapy, collagen stimulation and age spot elimination. The Vein Care Centre has developed a unique method of hand vein injections that we call “Gentle Sclerotherapy”. It does not close off the veins completely – after all we need normal veins- rather, it shrinks the veins and makes them return to a more normal size. Unlike other forms of sclerotherapy, compression gloves and bandages are not needed.

At the same time, we administer collagen stimulator injections under the skin and around the hand veins. By stimulating the natural production of collagen in the hands, the veins are surrounded and supported, and, in this way, they are less likely to stretch and bulge in the future. The results of hand vein treatments typically last many years before the hand veins become prominent.

To complete the Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Programme, brown mark discolouration and age spots can be removed by cryotherapy.

The combination of “gentle sclerotherapy”, collagen stimulation and age spot reduction results in more youthful looking hands. The Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Programme is unique and as far as we know, it is not available anywhere else.

Arm Vein Reduction

Results of Hand Vein Rejuvenation

Large arm veins can also be treated by “gentle sclerotherapy” and arm vein size reduction can be provided solely or in combination with the Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Programme.

The photographs shown below were taken by the patient herself. She was so pleased with the results that she has allowed us to share them. They have not been altered in any way. She is a medical professional who researched all the available clinics before contacting us.

Hand Arm Veins Treatment

Hand before

Hand Arm Veins Treatment

Hand before


Hand after

Hand Arm Veins Treatment

Hand after

This what she had to say:

" I felt so embarrassed about my unsightly and prominent hand veins, I felt they were unattractive and ageing. I carefully researched treatment options and found Dr Gajraj's clinic - I was impressed by the technique he uses to reduce and shrink the veins but not fully destroy them. I received first - class care from initial consultation to aftercare. I feel that this procedure has changed my life - I feel much more confident socially and at work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this procedure and this clinic. Thank you Dr Gajraj "

The Vein Care Centre is one of the few specialist vein clinics in the UK that treats hand veins and arm veins. As far as we are aware, the Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Programme is unique anywhere in the world and the results shown above speak for themselves.

More Photographs taken by the patients themselves

These photographs were taken by patients treated at The VeinCare Centre. With their permission, they are published for you to see the results of hand and arm vein treatment.

Hand Vein Removal
Hand Vein Removal

Here is what another patient had to say:

"I’ve had prominent hands veins for a while and over the last year they seemed to be getting worse and I began to feel very self-conscious about my hands - I would always try to hide my hands in photos and out with friends. I didn’t want to use filler in my hands as I wanted something more safe, durable and long lasting. I came across Dr Gajraj’s Clinic. I was impressed by the procedures by using gentle sclerotherapy to shrink my prominent veins and using collagen stimulators. This treatment has given back my confidence and I would definitely recommend this treatment. Thank you Dr Gajraj and Lucy"

Important Considerations Before Treatment

The Treatment:
The treatment is non-surgical, non-invasive and is carried out entirely by injections. It  involves the injection of a sclerosant solution (a prescription medicine called Fibrovein®) directly into the veins of the hand and a collagen stimulator (called Radiesse®) around the veins. Local anaesthesia is used for the treatment. 
Intended Benefits:
To improve the appearance of the vein(s) in the treated area. There are no health benefits from hand vein treatment.  The injection treatment involves a healing process that is of variable duration from person to person. Initially, the treated area(s) may look worse and they may be red, lumpy and tender. The final outcome cannot be guaranteed, but our results have demonstrated that over 95% of our patients are pleased or very pleased with the improvement.
Sclerotherapy may require a series of up to 5 appointments separated by 2 weeks. For a successful outcome, people considering the Hand Rejuvenation Programme need to commit to a course of treatment appointments and failure to do so may reduce the overall anticipated improvement in appearance. 
People living a long distance away from our Clinic need to consider the journey times very carefully. 
Serious or frequently occurring risks:

Serious complications such as deep vein thrombosis, allergic reactions, major nerve injury or infection are very rare (in fact we have not encountered major complications with our method). This treatment is safer than surgical removal of the hand veins (phlebectomy).

The treatment may cause discolouration and tenderness lasting many months. These resolve completely. 
Occasionally the treatment may cause a temporary migraine with headache and visual symptoms for a short period during or immediately after the treatment. Bruising and redness of the treated area are common and will usually disperse in a few days. Lumpiness, Tenderness, Tingling, Stinging and Sensitivity may persist for longer. After treatment, the hands should be protected with sunscreen for 3 months. 
There is a theoretical risk that hand vein reduction treatment may impede the ability of healthcare professionals to access veins in the treated areas and this may delay treatment in an emergency situation. In practice, in a serious medical emergency, hand veins are not used for blood tests or transfusions.
After the first treatment session, most patients have very little discomfort, but some people find that their hands are very uncomfortable and for this reason, Dr Gajraj advises against driving. You should be able to drive after subsequent treatments.

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