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Also called Microphlebectomy or Avulsions

Large bulging varicose veins which lie just underneath the skin can be gently extracted through small little punctures in the skin. The procedure is called Microphlebectomy or simply Phlebectomy.

 At The VeinCare Centre, Dr Gajraj uses a special technique involving a circular 1 mm puncture in the skin. The circular puncture “stretches” during vein extraction and when the vein is removed, the circular puncture springs back to a small size. When healed, it is virtually invisible.

Phlebectomy is often performed after Endovenous Laser Ablation or Radiofrequency Closure in one visit.

Sometimes Phlebectomy is performed alone or in combination with Sclerotherapy.

Under local anaesthetic, even very large veins can be extracted. No stitches are required after the procedure and once the areas are healed there is almost nothing left to see. 


At The VeinCare Centre, Microphlebectomy is nearly always performed after Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA).

When combined with EVLA, Microphlebectomy provides a very rapid improvement in the appearance of the legs.

Complications are extremely rare when the procedure is performed under local anaesthetic using micro-instruments and a gentle technique.

In this respect, local anaesthetic is much safer than general anaesthetic.


These clinical photographs demonstrate how well the areas heal after vein removal by Phlebectomy.

Dr Gajraj routinely takes clincal photographs which remain confidential and part of the medical record. Only when patients give special permission in writing, do we share these photographs online.

Results of Vein Treatment

Phlebectomy for Bulging Veins on the Feet

Bulging veins on the foot can be successfully treated by Phlebectomy. When performed carefully, the improvement in appearance is rapid and long lasting.

Foot Vein removal

Is Phlebectomy Painful?

No. Microphlebectomy is not painful.

Local anaesthetic blocks nerve fibres that carry pain. Nerve fibres that carry the sensations of touch and temperature are not completely blocked. 

Many of our patients report that they can feel the coldness of the local anaesthetic and a strange “tugging sensation”, but none feel pain.

What happens after Phlebectomy?

After Microphlebectomy 

Dressings are placed over the puncture sites where the veins were extracted. There are no stitches. A stocking and bandge are applied which we ask you to wear for 2 days.


Serious complications after Phlebectomy are rare. Most of the following side effects are temporary and get better with time.

  • New Spider Veins < 1 in 100
  • Patches of temporary numbness < 1 in 1,000
  • Infection < 1 in 10,000
  • Temporary Lymph Leak < 1 in 10,000

Key Features

  • Excellent cosmetic results with no surgical scars
  • Rapid recovery with very little discomfort or bruising
  • Permanent removal of surface unsightly varicose veins
  • Your leg looks good very quickly